Selected Academic Projects

This is a selection of projects I have been involved with as a researcher, mentor, and student

  • Advance Reservation Simulator

    • Formulated queuing game to describe incentive to pay for compute resource reservations in advance.
    • Evaluated game across varying scheduling policies.
    • Constructed simulation tool utilizing Python SimPy package to model user agent purchasing decision in AR scheduling.
    • Leveraged techniques to evaluate queuing statistics for tagged \emph{ghost} user agents without impacting simulation results.

  • Evaluation of Shared Spectrum Economics

    • Established queuing game based model for priority upgrade purchase problem in cognitive radio settings.
    • Developed tool using Python SimPy package to simulate user agent behavior under a two tier priority system.
    • Extended SimPy tool to simulate behavior under the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) with incumbent traffic present.
    • Supervised undergraduate students performing cognitive radio traffic monitoring experiments on CBRS frequencies.

  • Interoperable Container Runtime

    • Prototyped Python application for automating Docker container compliance with standard security benchmarks.
    • Implemented checks related to container image and build file benchmarks.

  • Bare Metal Marketplace

    • Co-mentored small team of students in Cloud Computing course working on a project to implement a Bare Metal Marketplace.
    • Guided development of software to facilitate second price auctions for allocating nodes in bare metal Open Cloud Exchange.